ZAWA is robbing employees of NAPSA deductions

Dear Editor

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your good work. You are the only hope we have in Zambia which informs the people without fear or favor.

I am a retiree from Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA). Three  months ago when I went to NAPSA to claim for my money, I was shocked to find that only two out of ten years of my contribution was appearing on my statement.

I was informed by NAPSA that my company did not send the missing money to them.

When I found out from ZAWA they confirmed they haven’t been sending the money dispite them having been deducting from my pay slip.

They (ZAWA) claimed to have made an agreement with NAPSA to pay the missing amounts to the affected former employees.  But unfortunately I have been tossed to and fro. When I go to ZAWA they tell me there is an agreement, but when I go to NAPSA, they tell me ZAWA has not yet sent the money. It’s now over three of being tossed, nothing has come up yet.

This is a day light robbery by ZAWA management. I am appealing to the government to intervene in this day light robbery.

Affected former employee

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