Zambian opposition unearth scam to throw critics in jail on framed sedition charges

Zambian opposition unearth scam to throw critics in jail on framed sedition charges

Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says his party has unearthed a scam in which the dictatorial government of Michael Sata wants to frame treason and sedition charges against critics to create a one party state.

Hichilema, himself facing charges of causing the publication of statements likely to cause public alarm, is cautioning opposition leaders to be on the look out.

This comes in the wake of a police raid on Wednesday when the Zambian police surrounded the UPND secretariat searching for seditious material.

Hichilema, however, believes the move is a countrywide ploy to implicate opposition leaders and throw them in jail on tramped up charges.

During a press briefing in Lusaka on Thursday night which was preceded by the National Governing Party executive meeting, Hichilema warned President Sata to desist from the “Zero Option” formula which saw opposition leaders jailed in the early 1990s.

“We know what they are plotting, the unsuccessful raid on our offices this week is just the beginning, we have authentic information that they are now going to target our homes and all our offices,” Hichilema said.

He said all peace loving Zambians should be wary as the government was not up to any good and bent of silencing alternative voices.

The opposition leader said his team is now embarking on countrywide rallies to sensitise Zambians on the “successfully failed promises” of the PF government.

He has also dispelled assertions by the PF propaganda wing – The Post – that he was recently hiding in the US or British Embassy in Lusaka.

Speculations carried in The Post including an editorial comment suggested
Hichilema was frequenting the foreign embassies for “protection”.

“This is another blue lie from some newspaper, I was never at any embassy. This shows you the desperation that the PF and their media friends are getting into.
We respect our friends the British and the Americans especially with regard to good governance but I never hid at their respective offices.

“Why should Hakainde hide?” he asked.

Hichilema has also advised the Zambia Police to act professional in their
duties because their search and attacks on UPND was in response to directives from politicians

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