Zambian deserve better leadership

By Lupiya Simusokwe
The Zambian people deserve better than what the current leadership is providing. The Zambian people also deserve better leadership in the sense of individual qualities as well as actual service delivery. It would be accurate to even say that the Zambian people are not even being led at all. No meaningful leadership is being provided. Every corner of the Zambian society, black, white, Indian, Chinese, poor or rich knows this as being a fact. Children are also able to detect the drowsy leadership currently being provided. The leadership problem is no longer an issue requiring high intellect to identify or note. It is something which even the leaders themselves are aware
of, though they may pretend as though everything is on track. With this background, one critical question which always stands out among many others is – what can we do to address the leadership problem? Many Zambians feel there is something they can do but they probably do not know what it is exactly they should do. Some even end up joining the band wagon of bad leaders due to some indecision or lack of understanding their supposed role. Some think that forming political parties is one sure way of addressing the challenges of leadership. Some do not even want to be associated with anything to do with public affairs or politics. They take a “hands-off” approach and choose to mind their private lives. All these categories of people have their basis for taking their respective positions, and although it might not be very appropriate to look at one category as being better than the other, it still remains apparent that they all share the desire to see
this country a better country. They all want the best for Zambia, but the leadership challenge remains a larger obstacle than any other. Leadership issues can never be adequately addressed without an understanding of how the problems of this nature have managed to find so many grip in our nation. Since we all know where we are, the critical and most important issue is to understand what got us here. This is probably a complex subject, but whose main theme is as plain as a clean slate. The leadership problems have escalated this far, because the citizens have forgotten their role in society. Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor once said that evil exists in this world because the good choose to remain silent. They choose to remain neutral, but neutrality helps the oppressor and never the victim. The citizens need to summon a bold and courageous attitude of never to remain silent whenever and where ever other human beings endure suffering and humiliation
at the instance of bad leadership. The citizens forget that they are the ones whom the leaders are supposed to serve. They believe the leaders are now supreme and they can therefore do anything they want. This is a big problem which largely accounts for the many problems which our country is now facing. The most Zambian citizens have drowsily demanded for strict accountability and better leadership from the leaders. Of course, there are a few Zambians even among the leaders, who have been honest, accountable and always stand up when something is wrong. They never keep quiet. Of course, there have also been few times when the Zambian people have shown remarkable unity and stood up to reject any possible manipulation and injustice. One such example is the third term bid. But other than such efforts which appear to be more broad, the citizens can also bring new life in this country by being more responsible and developing the idea that each citizen has a
personal stake in ensuring that this nation becomes a better one.Once citizens develop the ideas of taking responsibility and personal interest in issues of governance and public affairs, then we should be able to see remarkable changes in society emerging. Taking responsibility should also be exercised in private activities in everyone’s life. If all the good citizens, whether in public or private sector, choose to stand up against any abuse of authority or ill vices of whatever nature, then we are building a better society. It is also through such levels of responsibility that the environment for good leadership will be created. Zambia’s problems have also greatly been promoted by those that are in more direct positions to demand for better leadership, but have not done so for one reason or another. Most of the civil servants in government, do ills on behalf of their superiors or see ills being done and choose not to do anything. They are never
courageous and bold enough to challenge their superiors to be honest and more accountable. Some even join in the loot and abuse. They also believe they have jobs to protect and can therefore not challenge their superiors. But they forget that they too have the responsibility of making society better than they found it. They forget or rather ignore that if we are to make a remarkable difference in life, we would have to do away with the ‘yes bwana’ mentality.Zambia’s future depends on taking responsibility as well as bold and courageous steps. It is mainly through these virtues that our leaders would become true and faithful leaders. Where the leadership appears unwilling to change for the better, the high sense of responsibility in the citizenry would be a guiding beacon which would foster the appropriate transfer of power into the appropriate and more capable leaders because Zambia deserves better.

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