Zambezi Portland continues displacing Chilala residents

Zambezi Portland continues displacing Chilala residents


Here in chief chiwala area in masaiti we have a very big problem with Zambezi Portland cement.
This company has made the Zambian to suffer a lot. Together with the chief himself.
He has contributed de suffering to his people. Zambezi Portland has not compensated us from the area we stayed from 1915 to date. Wen we try to ask Zambezi they say they gave the chief our money.
And last rain season Zambezi Portland decided to block a natural river so that water can start flowing to our houses of which about 6 houses were destroyed by same water and the affected family forced now to look for where to stay. Yesterday they came again with their machines to block our remaining houses so that we have no way to the road and they came with the police, and as am writing to you now our houses are blocked completely just to punish us. Again last year Zambezi Portland took us to court over the same issue to our suprise they stopped coming to court them self.

So pls help us we have suffered we don’t know who has our money.


Displaced citizen

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