Yango is very useless


Mwebantu today was my first time using YANGO, I was desperate looking for taxi and wanted to test YANGO for the first time. I now understand and believe stories I have heard about YANGO. YANGO is trying to build business and drivers are killing it. My 40 minutes horror went like this. My first booking, I booked while I was still in the office, I waited for it to reach and I was able to see it on the app, I saw it arriving but when I went outside, I didn’t find anything, trying to call it, number busy, trying to call again it went unanswered, I cancelled the order of k43, I ordered again, this guy with a harsh voice was like, where are you going? I was like please come and pick me am going home and am cold, he insisted on my location, I got irritated and cancelled it and it was still k43. I ordered again and this guy didn’t even call me and I thought he was following the map and he would call me immediately he reaches, I got shocked trip ended and I was being asked how my ride was? I was shocked, I tried to call the driver, he never answered my call, I rated him 1 star and put a comment as you can see on screenshots and closed. I ordered again now it went to k68 economy, this guy just went direct like am very far, please cancel and order again, I was like where are you, ati Makeni mall, nati did you see where I am, ati NO, nati then why did you say you are very far? That’s when he was asking me where I was. And I could see him he was just a Kilometer away, nati you are just near by ati vima map ivi vimanama, nati then how did you know that I was far? I counselled how he was damaging people’s business and hang up. I ordered again, still on k68, he was just near by but this driver was dull, didn’t know the place, I suspected he just came from outside Lusaka, I tried to give him near land mark, he accepted but he was going somewhere else. I advised him to follow the map, awe mwandi he couldn’t, I called and he sounded stack, and it was freezing outside, after 8 to 10 minutes, I cancelled it, I ordered again, it dropped to k63, a Corolla came, yoh, sikolokolo daddy. He picked me, this madala kept on complaining on all the way on how YANGO was exploiting them and how they were failing to maintain their vehicles. Kept on making noise all the way, he told me how nice ULENDO was but I advised him that his car was below par on ULENDO standard, he should thank YANGO that he was able to operate with his car.

Please YANGO, follow up this ordeal, these drivers need massive training, my night was spoiled, I felt really bad, I almost went back to ULENDO and again price brought me back to YANGO as you can see on the screenshot.


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