Witch-doctors meet over AIDS cure

Traditional Health Practitioners Association of Zambia (THPAZ) in Mpulungu has invited over 400 delegates to a brain storming meeting to intensify the search for an Aids cure.

Mpulungu THPAZ District Chairman, Charles Mazimba said in an interview that the meeting will take place on Friday at senior chief Tafuna’s Isoko palace.

Zambia2-thumb-450x337He noted that the meeting will convene medicine men, traditional healers, herbalists and spiritual healers from all over Mpulungu to brain storm on the Aids cure despite the funeral of chief Chinakila in the area.

Mr Mazimba claims that he is aware of some traditional health practitioners under his leadership who are capable of curing Aids.

He stressed that there is need for all traditional healers to unite and educate one another on how best to conquer the Aids pandemic adding that with unity of purpose, it is only a matter of time before a cure is found.

Mr Mazimba also said that the meeting will further look at techniques of treatment to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS.
He observed that some of the negative traditional practices are contributing to the spread of HIV /AIDS in communities.

He said delegates will also discuss the possibility of setting up a THPAZ hospital at a site in Muzabwera area just in Mpulungu where different traditional practitioners can operate from.

Mr Mazimba pointed out that the hospital is an idea copied from Uganda where a hospital had been built for healers to operate from.

He added that police will also attend the meeting to educate and sensitize village headmen and other participants who condone witch finding in their respective villages.


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