USA fears PF cadres will attack embassy, hence alert

The USA fears that its embassy in Lusaka may be attacked by President Michael Sata’s supporters hence putting it on high alert

The fear and subsequent issuance of the alert follows president Michael Sata’s verbal attacks on USA ambassador to Zambia Mark C. Storella

The USA Thursday put the embassy in Zambia on high alert together with mostly Muslim countries Armenia, Burundi, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia and Egypt.

According to Associated Press, U.S. embassies in these countries  are warning of possible anti-American protests following the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

The protests in the Muslim countries are said to be driven by a film which Moslems say is an insult to Prophet Mohammad

But Zambia is not a Muslim country and such protests are inconceivable.

Information gathered by the Watchdog show that the USA put Zambia on the list of high alert following President Michael Sata’s verbal slurs on Western diplomats early this week.

On Tuesday this week, Sata said Zambia will expel foreign diplomats accredited to the country if the government finds that they are interfering in domestic politics.

President Sata warned “some ambassador”, who was in the habit of going directly to State House without seeking appointment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to respect Zambia’s territorial integrity.

The Watchdog has been informd that the ‘some ambassador’ Sata was shouting at is Mark Storrella, the USA envoy in Zambia.

President Sata said this at State House when he received credentials from newly-appointed German Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke, Somalia
Ambassador to Zambia Mohammed Hassan Daware and Nigeria High Commissioner Sitemu Inu-Umoru Momoh, and conferred justice minister Wynter Kabimba as State Counsel.

“Remove this habit, you can speak to me on the phone but don’t make a habit to see me,” President Sata said.

“Go through foreign affairs. I am not going to mention the names of those ambassadors who have the habit of thinking ‘I can go to State House’. Even if in your own house, if your own son or your own daughter is in the toilet, you can’t go in. Please go to foreign affairs and foreign affairs will clear you but we will always like to exchange… and you ambassadors and high commissioners, find time to tour Zambia.”

President Sata said some ambassadors accredited to Zambia were interfering in the country’s domestic politics because natives were indolent.

“Because you are being so lazy, you are being idle, that’s why some of the embassies are trying to entertain or interfere in our internal politics. I am sure you know what I mean by that,” President Sata told Ambassador Finke. “If you want to interfere in our internal politics, you are under the Geneva Convention, and it will be very embarrassing for His Excellency or Her Excellency to be expelled from a country where they have gone for tour of duty. Please stay away. Leave our internal politics to ourselves and because some are boasting that we are going to be funded by such and such…at the moment, we have our intelligence within your own missions; before they report to you, they have already told us what’s happening.”

Sata’ outbursts were triggered by a visit last week by some ambassadors including Mark Storella to State House.

It is believed that the ambassadors warned Sata to desist from certain actions that may turnish the image of Zambia or jeopadize Zambia’s peace.

The ambassadors raised the issue of Barotseland, Nepotism in the PF government and the abortive government project ‘Tongas on Oath’.

But Sata is said to have not taken kindly to the advice and instead decided to launch a verbal attack on the envoys a few days later.

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