UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe in hospital after torture by police

UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe in hospital after torture by police


Incarcerated UPND Central province youth chairperson Milner Mwanakampwe’s health condition has deteriorated, forcing police who are holding him in a filthy cell to rush him to Maina Soko Military hospital for treatment after having earlier denied him medical attention. His ailment is not established but preliminary examinations done indicate that he has chest infections.

Earlier this week, the outspoken youth leader was tortured by police and since then he has been too weak and has been collapsing. When his lawyer Martha Mushipe visited him at woodlands police station in Lusaka, she found him unwell and demanded that her client be taken to hospital immediately but the officer in charge said he could not permit that and referred her to Police force headquarters

Mushipe and Mwanakampwe’s relatives drove to the police headquarters to seek audience with the Police Inspector General – PIG Kakoma Kanganja but Kanganja and the arresting officer. A Mr. Mwango were elusive. At 15:00 Mwanakampwe was driven to the hospital escorted by armed police officers and three other intelligence officers and by press time, more medical examinations were being conducted.

Mwanakampwe was abducted from his SDA church in Kabwe a fortnight ago and has been moved from one police station to the other, after making an application for a habeas corpus hearing the police quickly pushed in a fake charge that of conspiracy to commit a felony and is expected to appear in Lusaka Magistrate court on Thursday 31st August.

Meanwhile UPND National women’s chairperson Namakau Kabwiku has sympathised with the depth of abuse that police officers are being subjected to. She said that it is embarrassing even for her to state that her husband was a policeman because the profession has lost integrity. Wynter Kabwiku, the husband to Namakau was Zambia’s commissioner of police, a rank equivalent to deputy inspector general.

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