UPND says if journalist Pondamali dies in police cells, his blood will be on Sata

UPND says if journalist Pondamali dies in police cells, his blood will be on Sata

Pondamali at Kulamba Kubwalo ceremony in 2102

Pondamali brewing some local beer at Kulamba Kubwalo ceremony in 2012

The UPND has warned president Michael Sata that if detained but hopsitalised journalist Wilson Pondamali dies, his blood will be on the head of Sata.

And doctors are planning to conduct more tests on Pondamali following his deteriorating health in hospital. Pondamali was abducted by police more than two weeks ago and has since been detained despite being given bail by the court.

Pondamali is facing trumped up charges like stealing a novel from the Kabwe municipal council and being in possession of millitary documents. The reason he was arrested is his alleged link to the Watchdog, this news website.

Pondamali contracted pneumonia while detained in police cells but he seems to have had contracted other diseases in police cells. The doctors have not yet diagnosed the other diseases.

And Pondamali told the Watchdog Saturday that he is physically weak but spiritually and mentally strong. He said he knows that he is in prison simply and solely for doing his job as a journalist. He said he has been put in detention for providing checks and balances to the government.

Pondamali said that if he comes out of prison alive, he will continue doing his job as an independent journalist and will never succumb to intimidation and harassment by the government.

Pondamali said he was prepared to die if it came to that but will never allow the PF regime to stop him from doing his job.

And the opposition UPND says the continued detention of Pondamali is another very clear violation of the constitution by President Michael Sata.

On its official Facebook page, the opposition party said ‘Why cant Michael Sata allow the rule of law to take its course? If Pondamali was charged, the next thing is to take him to court. That is what the law dictates.

‘President Michael Sata should remember that he swore to up hold the constitution. But the very contrary is what is obtaining in our country today . It is like the Zambian constitution has been suspended.

‘We are now told that Pondamali’s health has turned for the worse. Pondamali is said to be suffering from pneumonia which he contracted while in police detention. We would like to warn President Sata that should this journalist die, his blood will be on his hands (Sata’s).’

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