UPND Councillor rescinds resignation

Nangweshi ward councilor rescinds his resignation saying he was enticed with K50,000.

One of the nine opposition UPND Western Province ward councilors who resigned from the party last month, has rescinded his decision and re-joined the party.

Nangweshi Ward Councilor of Sioma, Sililo Mooka made this announcement this afternoon at the party secretariat in Lusaka.

Mr. Mooka said he has come back to his senses that he belongs to the UPND and sticking around was wiser than falling for temptations from elsewhere.

And UPND Chairperson for Elections Gary Nkombo has urged the other eight councilors to emulate Mr. Sililo’s move to rescind their decisions and forget about alleged bribes from the ruling patriotic front aimed at causing by-elections for political expediency.

Mr. Nkombo added that the resignation of councilors in western province is not the popularity of the pf but endemic corruption which has been taken to people on the grassroots of leadership by offering councilors money.

He has however urged the civic leaders to accept the money being offered and not resign from their positions.


eal have found themselves in Nalikwanda and ECZ has been informed about it…have u your say

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