UNZA radio station licence restricted to hostels

The PF government has finally started imposing restrictions on community radio stations latest being the reduction in the transmission radius for UNZA radio station.

Last week, Information Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, said the PF government will start revoking radio licences for community radio stations that do not abide by what he termed ‘government regulations’.

And during a workshop early this week, Malupenga again sounded the warning on PF clamping the media when he ‘taught’ journalists to censor some politicians he did not want to grab media headlines.

UNZA radio station has in the past featured many civic and political leaders including President Michael Sata as an opposition leader as part of the university’s training.

Recently, Head of Media Studies Department at Evelyn Hone College, Clayson Hamasaka, was dismissed when opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema attempted to feature on the college’s radio station, during his tour of the college sanitation facilities.

With the reduced radius, the once vibrant UNZA radio that used to cover the entire Lusaka and surrounding areas, will virtually be reduced to transmitting to itself and classrooms where radio sets are not even allowed.

During campaigns, PF leader Sata promised to give country-wide operating radio licences to all radio and TV stations that had the capacity to do.

The PF government has also been on rampage wanting to close down online publications such as the Zambia Watchdog which has been in existence for more that 5 years now.

Information PS, Malupenga seems to have turned the tide against his own profession have been the Managing Editor of the then fierce Post newspaper that won several awards for standing up to what was deemed as repressive regime.

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