UNZA graduate School of Business pathetic


UNZA Graduate School of Business – Bogus and Chaotic


Dear Editor,


Some years ago, the University of Zambia opened a Business school. We were all excited at this initiative to finally have a school of business away from the economics departments. This ambitious move to offer business courses at UNZA has turned out to be in total disarray and flawed. Here are four issues that make UNZA GSB a sham:


  1. Lecturers

The school has inadequate lecturers. There are several part-time lecturers who are full – time elsewhere and this dilutes their focus on teaching. These part timers are clearly demotivated due to low rates which are also paid late. An important school such as GSB needs full-time lecturers. The idea of bringing people from other schools within the university to coordinate some courses is also totally flawed for a host of reasons. Most of these part timers are not trained in teaching methodologies. Also, some of them are into the habit of sexually harassing their female students – topic for another day.


  1. Evening and Online learning

There is nothing so pissing than being told your classes will be online but yet no one shows up or uploads materials. The system that GSB is using needs to be revisited. The blended approach is very confusing. Some students are made to join a stream which is ahead, others are moved from evening to online against their will. And lecturers are too arrogant to help the students with blended learning.


  1. Examination results

You see, any university that does not have a stable record keeping system must be closed. GSB is a let-down and upsetting on how records are kept, especially exam grades. We still have students who don’t know their results for last semester, yet have started learning or moved to next stage of their programme. When these students make follow ups, its excuse after another by administration. The most unacceptable thing is the results keep changing all the time in the so-called online portal. For example, if you had an A in semester 1 of first year – don’t celebrate yet because same results can change to B or C in semester 2 or months later, very strange. There is assurance that results students get will remain the same once they are published.


  1. Courses

Some courses have no lectures but yet these are compulsory. GSB is offering courses that have no lecturers. What kind of nonsense is this? Imagine asking students to register for courses and yet there is no one to teach them.


Let us stop defrauding citizens who are eager to get an education. As sponsors to some of these students, we pay colossal amounts only to get returns that are far from good. Nowadays education is a commodity and students are like customers or clients who need total care and quality service delivery – GSB staff should know this better as business experts. Already, UNZA is competing with private universities and students are now looking elsewhere. If this kind of poor customer care continues, one day UNZA will have zero enrolments in schools such as GSB. Mine is a call to action; Director – Dr Lubinda Habazooka, to show leadership at GSB. I don’t want to believe that he has failed to lead and manage the school as a directorate. People at GSB can’t be getting hefty salaries for mediocre work output. As things stand and based on traumatic experience at GSB, I would not encourage anyone to enrol in any of the study programmes at the UNZA school of business, it is an experiment, useless, chaotic, frustrating and poorly managed. Can someone step-in and stop the nonsense at UNZA GSB.


Disgruntled and pissed sponsor



  1. Thank you for let us know.
    Who are the people that head this school who lectures there.
    Failure to bring this out these are articles gives us half the picture.
    I think the article about the school of law brought out who, what where when and how.
    This is a management problem. Where folks at UNZA need a shake up. A culture of “let me get mine” instead of academic excellence is what is going on and the Ministry needs to look into this and change the culture

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