There are no LGBT conditions in IMF deal


22 September 2022


SOME politicians are attempting to make Zambians believe that CONDITIONS is a new found word, following the just concluded International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal with the UPND Government.

Firstly, life is a game of conditions and our daily functions are all about a set of conditions.

Human relations, be it; social, business, economic, spiritual or otherwise are based on conditions.

The conditions are a yardstick for change or adjustment in a given relationship.

But some politicians have based IMF conditions on their wild and malicious imagination, especially LGBTQ!

The following conditions obtain in the IMF deal; nothing to do with homosexuality: –

1. The IMF US $1.3 Billion loan is interest free!

2. NO loan repayments until after 5 and half years.

3. Upon commencement of loan repayment, it shall be made over 10-year period.

4. NO Public of Private assets have been listed as collateral.

5. The first instalment came on 1st September 2022 after sealing the deal on 31st August 2022.

6. Subsequent instalments are due every 1st April and 1st October of a calendar year for a period of 38 months.

7. Prudent expenditure by Government in key sectors such as health, education and agriculture.

Lastly, in any relationship, if one is looking for wrong things, then, wrong things shall be found!

We encourage the people of Zambia to trust the UPND Government because money is supposed to be created through production and not printing more through the Bank of Zambia.

Admittedly, debt restructuring has been made possible!

Aswell K. Mwalimu



  1. If the heading of this article came from a government official it means the official concerned is being clever. Such responses can only be tolerated if came from PF official. The way we live in society they are certain aspects to dealings which are implied although not written. Nobody officially has said anything about Chinese but from our behaviour it is like the relationship has cooled down.

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