The truth about “Link Zambia-8000″ road project, which is an MMD initiative

By a Correspendent

President Michael Sata has come to understand Zambians that since they lack information and most of them are illiterate you can easily cheat them.

Ambitious road programme was started by then President Mwanawasa after HIPC completion. Some HIPC conditions were to pump resources in health, education and infrastructure. President Mwanawasa created RDA as vehicle for road infrastructural development.

RDA was given a target of 40,000KM of roads country wide. We saw this leading to over-procurement of roads contracts in a bid to accelerate road works. At the time the President died he left an over-procurement of K1trillion. When RB came, he continued the same path to an extent that by 2011 election time more than K4trillion of roads were contracted. The period leading to election we were hearing PF questioning where MMD got the funds for such ambitious roads programme.

In 2011 MMD had announced to further accelerate road works to be financed by a combination of government revenues and borrowings. Borrowings were estimated to be in tune of US$2billion over a three year period from 2012. The financing included issuing a bond of US$750million, which PF is now celebrating to be one of their greatest achievement in office.

Borrowing is not an achievement. An achievement is about changing people’s lives. Given the foregoing background it makes me wonder as to how President Sata can claim his launch to be the beginning of the infrastructural development.

The State Lodge/Chongwe road was already on the MMD programme including the Chiawa bridge. Even Bradford Machila as former MP had told the Chiawa people that the bridge was underway across the Kafue river. Another road which was on the MMD programme was that passing through lower Zambezi to Livingstone (Bottom Road).

In conclusion PF has not so far given their economic programme and policy direction. They are operating in the shadow of MMD. Honorable Chikwanda appears to be more honest amongst these liars because he acknowledged the performance of MMD and said that all they wanted to do was to accelerate development, unlike the President who has got used to cheating Zambians saying it is the start of infrastructural development.

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