The PF homosexual agenda


What is abundantly clear on this homosexual misinformation and stage-managed events are that they have a typical PF signature! And often, led by so called Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba.

Even Bishop Alick Banda’s statements that were strongly condemned by Bishop Mambo point to a typical, truly PF operation that has their DNA. PF are easy to predict, just look at their historical strings of accusations against HH and the patterns and characteristics, they have one thing in common; death, destruction and deception.

1) Tonga under oath.

This was a mischievous operation that was led by GBM when he was Defence Minister and Charity Katanga as Lusaka Pronvice Police Chief. It was designed to accuse HH of forming a tribal guerrilla army that was said to target Bemba people. Katanga released spontaneous and rag tag statements that the Police were closing in on the guerrilla army and that it had already killed a Bemba baby through poisoning. It had to take late President Michael Sata, during the swearing in ceremony of Winter Kabimba as Justice Minister to tell them to stop the bull***t.

2) Gassing

This is a well known PF orchested scheme where they used death to terrorise citizens through hurling of gaseous substances into homes, schools and hospitals among many places. Surrogates like Chilufya Tayali and senior PF party officials like GBM pointed their accusing fingers at HH claiming he was the one that gassing people.

3) Hatembo family

The PF carried out a well coordinated campaign to paint HH black by accusing him of having dubiously bought farm land from the Hatembo family of Kalomo. Surrogate Edith Nawakwi claimed she had evidence of fraud in the purchase of the farm 25 years ago, from the family by HH. The PF media including ZNBC and Daily Nation went into the overdrive with a vicious campaign to arrest HH. When the Hatembo disappeared, Nawakwi claimed Hichilema had kidnapped them.


The loudest have been the PF and PF aligned surrogates like Archbishop Alick Banda. You will know how maliciously and well coordinated the whole thing is, when you realise it is a travelling bag with a false bottom. Here is how:

1) There are adequate laws in the penal code on exactly how to deal with homosexuality in Zambia. The protest would have been better directed at the Police and the courts of law, but the PF have their target on radar, HH.

2) Right from opposition, Hakainde Hichilema has made it clear on how he opposes same sex marriages and he has continued speaking strongly against homosexuality as President. The PF still insist that it’s his fault that homosexuality exists in Zambia and they want to exhibit it through secret sponsorship of homosexual acts and parades which remarkably started under their watch. As a matter of fact Edgar Lungu showed tolerance when he pardoned a homosexual couple of Kapiri Mposhi,

3) The timing of the anti homosexual campaign coincides with the annual UN General Assembly in New York. The idea appears to be to force government to arrest homosexuals and cause outrage in the West, an important trade and investment partner with Zambia. PF would be interested to see the IMF programme dropped so that the economy collapses.

The common feature of these operations is that they come to naught after so much drama and dust raised.

The perpetrators of these dubious and frivolous accusations are often from the regions PF claim as their power base. As to whether this is driven by an ethnic agenda is a matter worthy exploring. What is also worth an investigation is whether this conspiracy has underlying treasonous components of bringing down a democratic elected government.

We are well aware that these criminals have a lot of money (cash for that matter) which they stole from the various government projects through inflated prices, and all other various government operations.
We also know that they still have a lot of paid pawns in the public service.

However, none of their schemes is going to work. On the contrary, some of these schemes might just accelerate linkage of certain individuals to specific crimes and thus bring forward their investigations and arrest.



  2. What? PF Hallmark! There at it again. LOL.

    Who is a leader? Somebody capable of providing ‘sound’ or ‘bad’ guidance or influence to a group of his/her followers in order to achieve some desired collective group objective. This isn’t the official definition of the word ‘leader’ but it will do to address what I am about to talk about. Such a person with those assumed ‘responsibilities or powers’ can lead his/her followers in a ditch or prosperity. Homosexuality is “unafrican” and it is being imposed on Africans by other influential societies. What have I been reading from our leaders from opposition parties, clergies, civil societies etc? We will reject this untold behaviour to be enshrined into our culture and there the noise starts. Accusations and counter accusations. This is a partial solution, more like climbing a tree by holding on to leaves. Leaders are suppose to look at the whole problem and then come up with lasting solutions. In this case the ROOT cause is our country is highly indebted and poor and any rich country willing to give us some pantry money can dictate nonsense to us. Leaders, if you are leaders from whatever sect you control this issue can be sorted out by sitting down and devise ways of making this country economically strong so that it in a position to answer back if told rubbish by another country to fuck off.


    My personal observation:

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