The arrest of former president Lungu’s family



Three close relative of the former president have been summoned, interrogated or about to since the former head of state left office in August 2021.

The summoning of the former first lady, Esther Lungu by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for interrogations over the 15 flats clearly tells a story about political power and those associated with it.

Is it the fulfillment of an adage which goes *to remove a mountain, you start with removing the small stones at the base of the mountain?*

We have to learn something from what is happening to the Lungu family before, during and after leaving State House and political power.

So far, only the former President, who enjoys presidential immunity, seems to be safe from the law enforcement agencies.

This follows the summoning of the former First lady, Esther Lungu.

Interestingly, former President Lungu’s son, Dalitso, daughter, Tasila, and wife, Esther have been subject of interrogations by the law enforcement agencies.

All are being accused of committing some suspected crimes associated with suspected proceeds of crime.

Is it that the accused are failing to account for the source of the money they used to acquire the properties they are accused of accruing over the years and now being suspected of being proceeds of crime?

Is it that State House and those associated with it can engage in illegality?

I think this is an eye opener and a lesson to those in and serving at State House today to conduct themselves above aboard esp those not enjoying any immunity before history repeat itself in the near future.

I submit

McDonald Chipenzi


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