Talia apologises for her public fornication, says was under ‘pressure’

Talia apologises for her public fornication, says was under ‘pressure’

Talia and Keagan bathing

Big Brother Africa star game finalist Talia Hayward has appealed to her fans and Zambians to forgive her for her public fornication with fellow housemate Keegan of South Africa.

Withing 90 days, Talia dated two men one Angolan and the other South African

She was watched by the whole world including her parents and younger sibblings having sex with Keagan on live TV.

Keegan 21, emerged winner of the US$ 300, 000 grand prize of the seventh edition of Big Brother Africa reality show which ended on Sunday.

The soft spoken Talia said at a media briefing that society should not be too quick to judge her for the ‘sins’ she might have committed while participating on the show.

“I would like to apologize to my fans and society for the activities that happened in the house. It is difficult to be in the house, there is too much pressure especially that that there are a lot of people from different backgrounds and culture and in a small space,” she said.

Talia who acknowledged that she might not have represented Zambia well in during her 91 day stayed in the house, said she was only human and bound to make mistakes.

“Being in that house can be overwhelming and it is difficult to control certain emotions,” she said apologetically.

Prior to Keegan, Talia had an affair with Angolan housemate Seydou just after a few days in the House.

Talia has not spoken about her Zambian boyfriend, if he has any.

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