Swindled Tourist to decampaign Zambia in Milan next week

An Italian Tourist who was swindled out of US$ 6500 in Zambia says he will de-campaign Zambia at an international tourism exhibition in Italy next week.

On 17th February, the Zambia National Tourist Board will exhibit at the International Tourism Exchange in Milan, Italy at the BIT2011.

BIT2011 is an annual event for which there is a high level of expectancy from trade operators and travellers, who want to see first hand the range of tourist destinations all over the world.

But Robert Tartaglia says he will attend this event just to explain to everybody how unsafe it is to go to Zambia.

Tartaglia was swindled out of US$ 6500 by a Zambian tour operator called “Travel Centre”  that was advertised on the website of the Zambia National Tourism Board.

He has bee trying to recover his money but to no avail despite reporting to the Zambian authorities.

Late last year, the Drug Enforcement commission (DEC) arrested Clifford Zulu, director of Travel Centre for money laundering activities involving over K30 million.

Zulu was on the run for a long time but he was finally arrested from the Lusaka International Airport.

DEC explained that 34-year old Zulu, a resident of Libala stage three, laundered the money which was sent to him by foreign tourists to help them secure hotel accommodation in Zambia.

DEC explained that Zulu was found at the Airport where he was trying to dupe other tourists and he is currently detained in Police Custody.

But nothing happened to Zulu as he was left to go scot-free. A week later, he was seen working at another tourism related company.

But now Tartaglia says he has no choice but to take his case to other would-be tourists.

“Here is the opportunity I was waiting. I will meet you at the BIT 2011 so I can finally explain to future visitors of Zambia to the inefficiency and the complicity of Zambiatourism in protecting illegal local tour operators, protecting them and giving them space on your official website and allowing them to cheat their foreign clients . I also will invite the press to be more successful in this initiative,” Tartaglia told the Zambia Tourism Board.

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