Southern province PS awards himself K750M contract to erect wall fence

Southern province PS awards himself K750M contract to erect wall fence

Obvious Mwaliteta is to benefit from the contract

Southern Province Permanent Secretary Edwin Zumbunu has awarded himself a K750m Contract to build a wall fence at the Provincial Minister’s Residence in Livingstone also known as “Government House One”.

His Company is also to do some minor renovations to the Minister’s Official House. Provincial minister Obvious Mwaliteta, whose house will be renovated is said to be part of the deal and will cut a from the bloated figure.

But when contacted over the matter Zumbunu said there is no contract at the provincial level worthy K750 million.

He however admitted that a wall fence around Obvious Mwaliteta’s official residence is being constructed. He said the wall will be erected by the provincial Engineers’ office and no contract will be given to anyone. He claimed that the bricks will cost only K25 million.

But sources say Zumbunu has since turned his Official Residence as a Commercial Brick making place for the same contract he awarded himself.

‘He is using Government Electrify and Water at a very huge expense to make these blocks to construct the Wall Fence at Hon Mwaliteta’s Residence’.

But Zumbunu said the bricks he is making at his house are for the construction of a house on a plot he was given by Zambia Railways (Railway Systems of Zambia Limited).

He explained that when he was Permanent Secretary for Central province, he was given a plot in Livingstone by Zambia Railways. He did not explain why Zambia Railways gave him a plot and in Livingstone when he was based in Kabwe.

Sources say a truck goes to Zumbunu’s house at night to collect the bricks and take them to the ministers’ house.

On his claim that there is no contract worthy K750 million at provincial level, sources say Zumbunu is lying as usual. Sources revealed that just a few weeks ago, a contract to renovate some clinics at the cost of  K2.5 billion was approved by Zumbunu,

Sources further accuse Zumbunu of involvement in other shady business deals using his influence and Office.

Sources remembered that during the parliamentary bye-election in Livingstone which the ruling party lost, Zumbuna gave K10m each to four District Commissioners in the province to buy him maize for buying votes.

Sources say the money he used to buy that maize was meant for some projects under his office.

Because that maize was not distributed to voters after opposition supporters guarded it, Zumbunu sold the maize at a higher profit to National Milling in Livingstone and refunded the K40 million to the accounts department.

Zumbunu is also reported to be refusing to retire imprest amounting to over K15m.

According to sources, Zumbunu has been telling friends that it’s time to make money and if one cannot make money under the PF Government, then they will never be rich.

Sources have revealed that within six months of being in office as PS, Zumbunu has bought a Tractor, a Mercedez Benz, Kompressor, huge tracks of Land in Kabwe and Livingstone.

People close to Zumbunu say he has no traceable businesses to enable him acquire such property.

Zumbunu was fired from Zambia Revenue Authority a few years ago for some corrupt activtities.


When President Michael Sata then opposition leader was ejected from Malawi as an illegal and prohibited immigrant in 2006, he was dumped at Mwami Border in Eastern province.

Zumbunu, then working for ZRA was on duty that night at Mwami border. Sata had no transport as he was just dumped at the border by Malawian authorities.

Zumbunu gave Sata transport to Chipata and that is how Sata rewarded Zumbuna with a job as PS for Central province when he was just elected president. Zumbunu therefore tells people that he is untouchable as he served Sata.

Zumbunu was later this year transferred to Southern Province in the same capacity.

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