Someone to check the corruption at PACRA




Post for me this issue.

The PACRA online registration has been down for over a month now. Even some colleagues who have taken hard copies to their offices have been waiting all this time. Is it deliberate so that people don’t register to benefit from the funds being released by government or it’s a technical fault that their ICT officers can’t manage? Can the responsible Ministry move in quickly to resolve this issue.

In fact it seems this is deliberate so that PACRA officials can receive bribes. Even a simple matter of name search, clearance is deliberately complicated. When you submit an application for name check, PACRA system will tell you that the name is available for clearance. But then they will revert it to you claiming that name is already in use. This will continue until you go to PACRA in person and bribe some one. It’s the same for every service PACRA offers online. Nothing will be approved until you send a bribe to one of the officers. And they are now doing it openly. They will delay and frustrate you until you are ready to corrupt them.

Sac and disappointed citizen.


  1. True 100%…
    Last year in October (2021) I did a business name search via Zamportal, paid and I was issued with an invoice. The process was pending approval all the way up to mid January, 2022. I called customer care but no action was done, at last I called PACRA PR Office and they referred to me to someone. This someone told me the name was in use and I had to do the process again at PACRA Offices. Imagine going to queue from morning until afternoon just for the services to be issued to you. PACRA has very very poor services…

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