Slavery at beverage making company


Good evening, I request to remain anonymous.

I’m currently working a newly opened beverage company in Kitwe kamfinsa area called BIbagry Limited company manufactures Bibs cola, skweezy, smove and water called hydro pure.
This company is owned by Arabs and they is a problem here. We work long hours with no overtime no transport and no lunch or dinner, we report at 05:00 and knock off 22:00 sometimes 01:00 the following day and everyone has to find means of transport to go home while expatriates use company cars. We have tried to talk to management all they say is that we have to sacrifice, please help us to communicate to the relevant authorities before we loose the life of a fellow Zambian in case they get attacked while going home


  1. If government officials do nothing in such matters it means they are compromised by the bribes they receive. They should be replaced. In Rwanda at the moment every government and private worker, literary every Rwandan is “terrified” of corruption because of the strong steps taken by Kagame to curb the vice. Look where Rwanda is now. From genocide to a Dubai or Singapore of Africa. Sometimes a leader needs to be “harsh” in curbing certain vices and the results can be seen and enjoyed by all his citizens.

  2. Labor officers in the district, where are you? Do you need state House to do your job? Madam Tambatamba here is a photo opt. Since staff in your ministry want to wait for your directive to work.

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