Senanga MP says Chibesakunda must go, tells Kasonde not to let Sata’s wife take his job

UPND Senanga Member of Parliament, Likando Mufalali, has urged government to produce the contract of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to the members of the public to review its legality.

Mr. Mufalali says parliamentarians rejected her as a Chief Justice and there is no need for her to continue occupying that office when there are individuals who qualify to be chief justice.

Mr. Mufalali says Justice Chibesakunda is a retired person and she is getting double salaries.

He charges that Ms Chibesakunda is illegally occupying that position and thus the need for her to peacefully step down.

Mr. Mufalali has also urged Health Minister, Dr. Joseph Kasonde, not to allow the First Lady to take up her position.

He says Dr. Kasonde is answerable to parliament on health issues and he should not allow First lady Dr. Christine Kaseba take up his position.

Mr. Mufalali notes that should anything go wrong in the health sector, Dr. Kasonde will be accounted for anything.

He has since urged Dr. Kaseba to allow the Health Minister to carry out his duties normally because he is mandated to do that.


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