Seasoned Evelyn Hone Journalism Lecturer Loses Job over Hichilema

Seasoned Evelyn Hone Journalism Lecturer Loses Job over Hichilema

The PF government has with immediate effect fired the head of media studies at one of the country’s top college.

Clayson Hamasaka of the Evelyn Hone College has been fired with immediate effect following a visit to the college by leader of the opposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema this week.

The visit by the opposition figure did not go down well with the government who suspected Hamasaka, who has been with the college for over 10 years, had a hand in it.

During the visit, Hichilema went to one of the hostels occupied by female students were they complained to him about hygienic condition, including the breaking out of a fungal infection.

Hichilema was supposed to appear on Hone FM, the college’s radio station which Hamasaka heads, but he was stopped from doing so. But the government was still not happy and called the college management to State House yesterday where they were told to fire Hamasaka.

Sources disclosed Hamasaka had his emotional farewell meeting with the media studies department on Friday where he bade farewell.

The PF government is not new to victimising the journalism profession as it has sacked seasoned writers perceived sympathetic to the opposition.

Immediately after assuming office, a number of ZNBC members of staff including the director of programmes, heads of various departments were either sacked or demoted.

The PF further fired six journalists at the party controlled Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail.

Whitney Mulobela, Richard Mulonga, Obert Simwanza were among those fired from the Times while Ndubi Mvula and Wallen Simwaka lost their positions at the Daily Mail.

Conversely, the PF government romped in its cadres and praise singers from its propaganda private entity – The Post – appointing all its senior managers into diplomatic service and government positions.

George Chellah (State House press aide), Eddie Mwanaleza (State House photographer), Thomas Nsama (State House photographer), Amos Malupenga (information permanent secretary), Chansa Kabwela (press secretary-Malawi), Joe Kaunda (deputy high commissioner-South Africa), Sam Mujuda (deputy high commissioner-Botswana), Chibaula Silwamba (press secretary-New York), Patson Chilemba (press secretary-South Africa), Yvonne Shibemba (press secretary-Kenya) and Lambwe Kachali (press secretary-Belgium) are the so called “professional journalists” the PF government has employed from The Post.

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