Sata’s reactions on RB’s stories worry Changala

Sata’s reactions on RB’s stories worry Changala

A concerned citizen, Brebner Changala, is worried and surprised that the entire Head of State, President Michael Sata, can issue an official reaction based on a rumour in the Post newspaper.

Mr. Changala, who was reacting on a story published in the Post newspaper alleging that Rupiah wanted an end to Bemba rule, said it was the first time in the history of Zambia that a president can behave like that based on a story in a newspaper quoting anonymous sources.

Brebner Changala

“Obviously that story has no foundation and is based purely on a well-known hatred against Rupiah Banda that has existed between the Post and the former president”

“Why is it that whenever RB’s name is placed in ridicule, he’s never been given a chance to give his side of the story as per normal journalistic ethics? The other case in point is the USD36,000 that was reportedly went missing in RB’ bedroom and the Post screamed with malicious headlines as usual quoting a fictions source without verification from the victim (RB)” Mr. Changala said.

Mr. Changala said that the story of US 36,000.was false on the face of it and even police have demanded for an apology.

According to Mr. Changala, mercenaries might use the Post newspaper, if not already using it, as a platform to use tribal hatred against the people of Zambia to rise against each other thereby abandoning the much-revered ‘one Zambia one Nation Motto’.

Mr. Changala wondered how else one could justify the fisting by the Post newspaper on HH for almost one month condemning him in all directions without giving him a chance to clear himself on the accusations.

“This is purely meant to malign HH from other parts of the country which he dearly loves as bonafide Zambian and leader of a principled Party”, Mr. Changala said.

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