Sata to sneak out of the country again

Sata to sneak out of the country again

sataPresident Michael Sata is expected to go for yet another medication outside the country just after concluding his ‘fast-track’ campaigns in Solwezi, Kafulafutata and Mkushi.

Sata was in Mkushi yesterday where he said Mkushi is underdeveloped because it is represented by wrong MPs. There, just like in Kafulafuta and Solwezi, he was just in the vicinity for less than two hours and spoke for just a few minutes on the stage.

Sata is expected to sneak out of the country this weekend, according to security sources.

‘He will head to Turkey or some other Asian country for medication but if this will be publicised, they will make it look like an official visit. He is likely to leave thi9s weekend or anytime after the weekend,’ said a source.

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