Sata to replace Gen Mihova with his relative Mumbi as Army Commander

President Michael Sata is scheduled to fire Army Commander Paul Mihova any time but soon, military sources have briefed the Watchdog.

 The impending firing of General Mihova has nothing to do with his trafficking in elephant tusks but the desire by Sata to put relatives in key positions.

 General Mihova will be replaced by Brigadier-General Martin Mumbi.

 General Mumbi was until a few days ago Defence Attaché at the Zambian High Commission in London. See the members of the family forest at the Zambian High Commission in London here

 According to military sources, Brigadier-General Mumbi has since been promoted and arrived in Zambia two weeks ago to take over as Army Commander.

 Mumbi is currently going through orientation procedures at Arackan Barracks, the army headquarters in Lusaka.

Sata is said to have started developing mistrust for non-relatives in the military. Paul Mihoha comes from Northwestern province.

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