Sata to appoint GBM vice-president

Sata to appoint GBM vice-president

Sata chatting with GBM while Guy Scott looks from an ‘isolated’ distance

President Michael Sata will soon appoint Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba as Vice president, the Watchdog has been told.

Mwamba is the current minister of defence and is a nephew to President Michael Sata.

According to information given, Guy Scott will be demoted to be the minister of Finance.

Current Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda, the Watchdog has learnt, has asked Sata to send him into the diplomatic service.

Chikwanda has whispered to close allies that he is not happy with the rampant corruption at the ministry of Finance and in the PF government generally.  So wants to take up a lesser prominent position as resigning from the family government will send wrong signals.

Chikwanda is an Uncle to president Sata while his deputy at the ministry Miles Sampa is also a nephew of president Sata.

But sources say Chikwanda is a professional and has done his part at the ministry of Finance but is being frustrated by corrupt family members in the government.

One source said: ‘As you may recall Chikwnda’s last job in the Kaunda Government was changing the face of the kwacha. In Chiluba Government it was him as agent of THOMAS DE LARU who printed new notes; then now in Sata’s government he has milked the country once again by rebasing the Kwacha.

Like a lot of PF leaders, GBM does not have any formal professional qualification. He however claims to have a (form 5) grade 12 certificate as indicated on the National Assembly here.

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