Sata to apologise to Mpezeni before holding rally



Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata is today scheduled to hold private talks with Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni speaking people in Chipata at Luangeni ahead of his campaign rally this afternoon.

The source told the Watchdog that Sata will be at Luangeni the official residence of the paramount chief Mpezeni around 10:00 hours local time to apologise to the Ngoni wise men for the embarrassment he caused to the Ngoni speaking people for photographing their chief in hospital.

The source also revealed that Sata is also visiting paramount chief Mpezeni to lobby for his political agenda ahead of the polls.

The bitter Ngoni wise men have demanded that before Sata could hold his rally at Mpezeni park he must apologise for what they (Ngoni wise men) are calling untraditional conduct of photographing a sick chief without his consent.

“Sata is coming to visit the paramount Chief Mpezeni this morning before he can hold his campaign rally later in the day, although the chief don’t want to talk about what happened in UTH where he was photographed while sick, our wise men are not happy with Mr. Sata and are demanding for an apology and it is one of the reason he is visiting, they want him to apologies for the embarrassment he caused the Ngoni’s,” the source said.

The source said in Ngoni tradition it is taboo to publicise the chief’s sickness, adding that it wrong for the PF leader to act in the manner he did.

The source also briefed the Watchdog reporter that the PF leader will also leave gifts to the traditional leader whose support for President

Rupiah Banda is slowly shrinking and tilting towards the opposition. Recently paramount chief Mpezeni expressed displeasure with President Banda in the manner he appoints ministers.

The traditional leader openly complained that no Ngoni speaking people were represented in President Banda’s cabinet before accusing the head of state of promoting only Chewa speaking people in cabinet.

And according to PF sources, Sata is later after meeting the chief scheduled to hold closed door meetings with senor party officials on the adoption process of candidates to contest in this year ‘selections.



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