Sata misses golden jubilee prayers

President Michael Sata has once again missed another important national event for unknown reasons.

Sata was conspicuously missing at a thanksgiving services to mark the country’s 50th independence at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross Sunday Afternoon.

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott stood in for Sata but spent most the time dancing and talking about music.

Sata has not been seen public from the time he returned from USA where he failed to address the United Nations General assembly.

First black ruler of Zambian Kenneth Kaunda, MMD’s Nevers Mumba and others attended the meeting.

And Father Brian Chibuluma from the Zambia Episcopal Conference described this year as a year of jubilee, liberty, renewal, celebration and reconciliation.

Fr. Chibuluma said it is a blessing to experience a jubilee as a country and that it is a gift from God, which needed to be appreciated.

Cosmo Mumba who says he is the president of National Revolution Party (NRP) expressed disappointment with some opposition political parties who did not attend the service. He said nothing about the absence of Sata, maybe he saw him there.

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