Sata angers Mmembe and cartel members by giving RB his passport

President Michael Sata has directed that former president Rupiah Banda be given back his diplomatic passport for him to travel anywhere he wants.

Some two weeks ago, Sata personally wrote a letter copied to all relevant government institutions including cartel members that involve Director of Public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba directing them to give the former president his passport and travel anywhere he wants, especially for medication.

But the move has reportedly caused anger and shock among the cartel members being controlled by Fred Mmembe that was determined to inflict a lot of pain in Mr. Banda by not allowing him to travel.

Sources close to the DPP’s office say Mutembo has completely defied the presidential directives and had a bitter exchange of words with Home Affairs minister, Edgar Lungu, who insisted that the passport be released as directed by the president.

In a clear case of lacking coordination among the key PF leadership, even Sports Minister Chishimba told UNZA radio that Mr. Banda would not be given his passport as he will be going to scandalising the PF government in the SADC region.

But even as Kambwili yapping those words on UNZA radio, Mr. Banda already had the passport in his hands as directed by his boss.

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