Sata accused of confusing hospital workers

Northern Province Minister John Chinyanta has cautioned opposition Patriotic Front (PF ) leader Michael to stop interfering in the operations of health personnel in the Districts.

Mr. Chinyanta said it is unacceptable for Mr. Sata to cause confusion in hospitals in a bid to win political mileage.

The Minister was reacting to Mr. Sata’s impromptu visits to hospitals in Mpulungu, Mbala and Kasama without the knowledge of health authorities in the concerned institutions.

Mr. Chinyanta told ZANIS in Kasama today that the conduct of the PF leader shows lack of respect for both health staff and patients.

He warned that it is unlawful for any individual including Mr. Sata to interfere in the work of public officers to such a level that they fail to execute their duties diligently.

Mr. Chinyanta observed health personnel were working very hard to serve people’s lives and as such they must be supported by everyone.

He wondered why Mr. Sata chose to visit a sensitive ward at Kasama General Hospital without the escort of medical staff.

 Mr. Chinyanta advised Mr. Sata to immediately stop his unbecoming behaviour of invading in the privacy of patients admitted in hospitals.

The Minister said while clinics and hospitals were public places, there was need for Mr. Sata to consult health authorities on conditions of the patients instead of him storming their wards without notice.

Mr. Chinyanta accused Mr. Sata of playing to public gallery by trying to win support through negative criticism of government.

 He observed that government has done a lot in the health sector in Northern Province, adding that health services have become accessible especially to people living in rural areas.

 Mr. Chinyanta cited the construction of a new hospital in Mpulungu, the renovation of infrastructure at Mbala and Kasama General Hospitals as some of positive achievements scored by the government.

He added that a threatre at Kasama General Hospital is fully functional contrary to Mr. Sata’s claims that the facility was mal-functional.

 Mr. Chinyanta has since advised Mr. Sata to immediately stop interfering in the operations of health personnel by following the right channel in visiting health institutions. 

 Recently, Mr. Sata in the company of PF officials’ disrupted the work of health personnel after he stormed wards at Mpulungu District hospital as well as Mbala and Kasama General Hospitals without seeking permission from health authorities.

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