Sampa goes to plead for sell of Eurobonds

Sampa goes to plead for sell of Eurobonds


Finance Deputy Minister Miles Sampa is leading a team of Ministry officials and book runners to market the UDS500m Eurobond to USA and UK investors.

It is not clear why a government delegation is going there when Mr. Sampa himself refuted Zambia Watchdog revelations that the PF government has failed to sell the Eurobond due to poor governance and economic record.

Eurobonds, where governments obtain financing for infrastructure and other capital projects sell naturally without any lobbying once the selling government is credible, stable and trustworthy

The PF government has so far lost international economic ratings particularly after grabbing Zamtel and unsound economic and governance policies.

On Wednesday, President Sata directed the newly sworn-in Justice Minister, revisit the Railway Systems of Zambia concession agreement with a view to grab it.

The PF government has so far concluded a Commission of Inquiry that may see the grabbing of Zanaco, from the Dutch owners Rabbobank.

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