Resign, tax payer tells Chifumu Banda

Chifumu Banda in red tie has been asked to quit

Chifumu Banda in red tie has been asked to quit

The Chairman for the National Constitution Conference (NCC) Chifumu Banda has been advised to step down for misleading the nation that President Rupiah Banda had approved the extension of their mandate by ten months.

Speaking in Mpika today, a concerned citizen on the Constitution, Cyprian Mulenga said NCC chairman should immediately resign for lying to the nation.

Mulenga was reacting to President Banda’s statement that the extension of NCC business was for four months only and not 10 months as the chairman announced last Friday.

He said if indeed the NCC chairman valued integrity he should resign from his position because a lie no matter how small it is, it amounts to damaging the reputation of an individual or the nation.

Mulenga who is former Workers Union of TAZARA in Zambia (WUTAZ) general secretary said because of telling the nation a lie, Zambians had lost confidence in the NCC.

“Because of the lie, many Zambians have lost confidence in the NCC and will always be questioning any decision that the delegates shall be making,” noted the former unionist.

He said the announcement by Chifumu Banda that the President had extended NCC mandate for a period of ten months had created tension in the country because majority of the Zambians had lost hope on the conclusion of its deliberation.

“Chifumu Banda’s announcement on September 1st 2009 that the head of state had approved the extension of the life of the NCC by 10 months had created anxiety amongst Zambians because majority of them were wondering as to whether the deliberation will ever be concluded,” he observed.

He said it was not possible for NCC chairman to misquote the President, but he just exposed his selfishness and lust for money.

Mulenga said although President Banda had dismissed the assertions that NCC delegates wanted to extend the period for monitory gains, it was evident that the chairman had the same intentions because the head of state should have communicated to him (chairman) in writing.

Last Tuesday, President Banda disputed claims by the NCC chairman that he had extended its mandate for 10 years.

Banda said the NCC had only remained with four months to conclude its work on the new constitution

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