RDA workers not yet paid

RDA workers not yet paid

Dear Editor,

The level of intimidation prevailing now at RDA with the Dictator CEO Eng Elias Mwape is baffling.

Unionised employees on 9th September 2019 waited for a meeting which was called for by their union leaders. The meetings agenda was to hear about the delayed salaries. In the meeting the members demanded to be addressed by the CEO who made sure to pull a cowardice move on the union orchestrated by the most dull and inexperienced Director Human Capital Elias Mwila. Mwila claimed he went for physio. Now its amazing how one can come up with such a stupid lie just to run away from addressing the employees. Mwila is the most dreadful plague that has ever been thrown at RDA. When the government is tired of someone but they dont want to fire them they are throw to some institutions and RDA was the most unfortunate institution to receive such a dull inexperienced and most dull HR manager. This man has been rejected from all the ministries he has worked in and now that he’s at RDA he wants to make sure to bring all his clan to work for the agency by manipulating entry qualifications so as to ensure his uneducated relatives and bastard sons and daughters all find jobs at RDA since he’s the main employer now.

The unionised members were gathered in the conference room waiting to be addressed by CEO who said he had to wait for dull Mwila. Dull Mwila made sure that he never showed his face until time for knocking off when the employees dispersed. The employees had gathered from 14hrs to 16:30hrs and no management person came through to address them. Mwila kept on saying he is on the way he’s coming until 16:30hrs when the employees got tired of waiting and dispersed. By the way the union claims they had sought permission to hold the meeting with their members and it was granted by dull Mwila

In the morning of 10th October 2019 yesterday, employees clad in black attire to express their displeasure for failure to be paid salaries as well as to be informed when their salaries will be paid. I must mention here that all the workers wanted was to hear a voice of assurance a voice of hope from their employer Elias Mwape. Now since Mwape is the most unpopular and corrupt longest serving CEO in the Agency who has made sure no one can challenge his stupid decision and its in his tenure that there is massive non renewal of contracts, People are losing jobs slowly and that makes him a happy and powerful man. He actually forgets that former good CEOs who are missed to this day come back to the Agency for tuma jobs…eg Chilundika is a private consultant and Chiwala has tuma contracts too for subcontracting. Mwape you should know that everything that goes up must come down. Your backbones Board chair Mukupa will not stay there forever look at Chitotela he was moved and we have been wishing that since Hon Vincent Mwale was appointed he should bring his own CEO because we are tired of your incompetence, corruption, unfairness and lack to have good managerial relations with your employees. You even sent your wife to school on 3 long years of study leave with full benefits. Others who even cry for unpaid leave you deny them. Mwape ulinsoka saana. Every dog has his day ans you day will come sooner than you expect. Pantu takwaba CEO who cannot even sit down with the union to address pressing issues. Just to educate you sir union and management are social partners and you need to work in harmony in achieving the agency goals.

As earlier started the employees gathered again today and demanded to still be addressed by Mwape who made sure he did not even give audience to the union leadership as they implored him to at least address his employees to inform them of why they are not paid their September salaries upto this point, All other sister agencies like RTSA and NRFA already got their salaries without any delay and for NRFA next week on 16th they’ll get their October salaries manje Chi Mwape chindwiiii busy intimidating his workers while failing to pay salaries. RDA is living in the most unfortunate period with useless Engineers who even fail to push the Ministry of Finance to release the funds much even worse get an increament. This most unpopular CEO who was even written to by one of his managers (see attachment) to complain of him treatment of employees using an anonymous letter to him and his directors today he unleashed the most laughable letter of intimidation. What is shocking is that dull Mwila if he really meant well to appreciate the job Mwape gave him as his tribes mate he should have at least advised him correctly. How can the entire CEO write charge letters to junior officers the unionised….he even wrote to cleaners. Ok ba Mwape apa mwaitaya dadi…you’re too senior to write such letters no wonder you’re the most useless and incompetent CEO since the inception of the agency that you even had the time to put your ka guiter type of signature on each and every letter, 21 in number out of more than 40 people who gathered in that conference room. So what criteria did you use to pick out the 21 people you wrote letters to? We know that it was your minion Brian Chavula who gave you the names, now as dull as he is he made sure he even had to express it in picking the names by leaving himself those he likes and he’s close to. Ba Mwape please take note that that your job of charging is incomplete since even your minion was the chief chanter in the conference he’s the one who even had more strength to bang the tables since he had some fruits for lunch as your office is heavily equipped every day of the month while some of us twali lambalala mulunkoto… we couldn’t even hit the table that hard due to lack of energy since we never had lunch since no money no pay. Sir there is even an attendance register for that meeting you use to charge all of us ndaba you cannot just pick some individuals and leaving out the rest who were not picked by your minion. Infact Minion Brian Chavula you’re disgracing your family’s name look at your relatives Oscar and Zack, they are doing well for themselves now iwe you have been a sweeper for more than 12yrs. Please make sure you stay there in than office as we heard that you already packed you katundu and all the mangwa in readines for the Axle Load job as Weighbridge officer, please don’t dare come coz we shall deal with you chifukwa in the weighbridges we stand in unity and there are no traitors. You will not have peace in the weighbridge for the stupid act you have just done of betraying your friends kwati iwe walifola. We know what you did to your former colleague Moono and how you easily and proudly gave him up to your boss Mwape (thats a story for another day). They say wakaleya sakaleka…..so remain as kapyanga for Mwape and never dare step foot to the weighbridge because the public has now known who you really are…. the most stupid boot-licker who gets paid only water fruits and biscuits for his boot licking.

Mwape your charges do not hold any water not even a drop sir, your Director legal who knows best how to give wrong advises and she’s at it again. She made sure to advise you of the most stupid offences. Your dullnes ba legal director Mrs Mukupa Kapasa Musonda has been shown once more, as if failure to win a case against RDA is not enough, if this matter goes further to court you will proudly add to your trophies of lost court cases against RDA. You have never won a single case ever in your entire time at RDA, we heard how you passed ZIALE (sex for grades) and we know its beauty without brains. Your beauty is what has kept you in that job to this day. Ba director we kindly advise you to go do a refresher course kwa ZIALE to at least pump some little bit of sense, just a little in that beautiful empty head of yours.

Ba Union this management you’re dealing with balimusula because some you behave like headless chickens who speak anyhow without direction…we are hearing ati ba management are saying you’re just a bunch of divas some of whom are professionals in lifting their skirts opening their legs where some husbands have even

runaway…twapapata as empty as some of you are learn to coordinate and use the law to defend yourselves make sure have a strategy and counter reaction to Mwape and his management…the way he walked out on you in the morning it should tell you that he’s not scared of you and don’t forget that they say you’re a bunch of divas who. And remember that your strength is in numbers “Injury to one is injury to all” if possible consult your friends ba former small voice. The small voice am sure can help advising you apa its time to put your arrogance aside and seek third party advise. Toughen up guys and fight this little problem despite being a bunch of divas we still believe you can fight this matter and never get intimidated by Mwape efyo aba ulya.

You can read more about the happenings at RDA in the attached letter written to him unanimously by one of his frustrated managers. This man should leave twanaka BOMA ILANGANEPO

Bitter and aggrieved employee

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