Racism at Lechwe international school



I have a child at Lechwe school in kitwe. Lately the school has been taken over by indians and Lebanese. Our black children are always left out of school activities because they’re black. Our children are called all sorts of names by the Indian and Lebanese children of which I can not mention here because it’s that bad. Some of them being that our kids have hairy legs like monkeys. It’s sad to note that our fellow African teachers do nothing about it.

Surely is this how our own children will be treated in our own country? We pay K30, 000 per term thinking our children can have better education but in this case we might see some children commuting suicide because of what they’ve been put through especially for the girl child. Please minister of education visit that school and see for yourself. Even the sitting positions are white first. Lechwe school used to be one of the best but now people are running away to Simba. Racism should not be cordoned in Zambia or else it will escalate to irreversible heights.

Please hide my id for the fear of my children being confronted or beaten.IMG_4611


  1. I did not know that there was already a Nkwilimba on this forum. I have already posted 2 messages under that name. I am not sure what this one is saying in that language, so I am gonna use the name Nega-Nega from now on. As for the alleged racism, we should not tolerate that in our country. This parent needs to organise other parents and picket this school. That kind of publicity will put pressure on the school and bring about the necessary change. I say this because I know for a fact that there is no way the people practising racism would want to be publicly accused of such a thing in a country where more than 90% of the population is black

    • Just close that school and blacklist the management as quickly as possible, these people are staying in our land and you have allowed them to molest our people those characters are not needed in Zambia.
      We live over seas but we have never seen that kind of behavior. W hat do those foreigners think of themselves if I were the president I could quickly deport them to their countries of origin if they are Zambians I could send them jail.

  2. Why should you condone such kind of wanton stupidity practised against you in your own country, ki bukuba bwamina.

    • Kiniti kibukuba bwa bona. Esi kibona bene batisize ma Lebanese mwa Zambia. Ona nako ye ona ma Lebanese bao kele bakala kubalwaha, ni ba konya fa minungu kabaka la bu homosexual bwa bona. Kona kuli ona fa abakilile kulila, na ani taba ni bona. Nebaipona ahulu butali; ne bahupula kuli bona bafita luna batu babangwi, kakuli bona ki makuwa ni busholi bwa bona. Kachenu ma Arab ni ma Indian kele bakala ku ba lwaha…

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