Quarantined truck drivers forced to pay K1000 a day

Quarantined truck drivers forced to pay K1000 a day


Truck drivers at Chanida border in Eastern Province are refusing to be quarantined citing lack of money to pay for accommodation at Mphangwe Motel in Katete.

The truckers entering Zambia from Mozambique are quarantined for 14 days at Mphangwe Motel after being screened for coronavirus.
The drivers want to be quarantined at the border so that they can be sleeping in their trucks.

Drivers are quarantined at their own cost and each has to spend about K1000 on accommodation and food everyday at Mpangwe motel .

Government has allowed truck drivers to be entering and leaving Zambia because, according to government, they are essential workers who bring food and other needed items in the country. But government says the 14 days quarantine is at the drivers’ own cost.

Many individuals, organisations, political parties have donated huge sums of money for the Coronavirus but this money is just been looted by minister Chitalu Chilufya, Chanda Kabwe and other thieves. This is what that money is supposed to be used for. Truck drivers are already poorly paid and certainly can’t afford to pay K14, 000 for the quarantine.

Infact there are certain hotels that have been donated to be Coronavirus quarantine centres. We know some of these hotels have more than 100 bed capacities. So who is occupying them?

Chitalu Chilufya gives daily briefings in the state of the Coronavirus but will not state how much money well wishers have so far donated. He gets full allowances for this every day.

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