President doesn’t need academic degree-citizen

A concerned citizen has appealed to delegates of the National Constitution Conference, NCC, to throw away the proposal that persons vying for Presidential office should be degree holders.

Mr Eddie Namiluko, a Chongwe resident told ZANIS in an interview that the proposal is discriminatory as it works against those with congenital leadership qualities and abilities from running for the presidency.

Mr Namiluko said the move will also create a class of elitists who have the ability to educate their children as tertiary education seems to be preserve of the rich.

He warned that failure to address the issue will create a perpetual hostile class struggle between the rich and the poor who are the majority in the country.

“How fair is it for the minority to take precedent over the majority? Lets us get back to the drawing board,” he asked?

Mr Namiluko observed that deteriorating social and economic status of many citizens’ entails that only a few can educate their children to university level due to the expenses involved.

He advised delegates to be futuristic and cautious as they debate thorny issues such as the 50 per cent plus one clause and funding of political parties with representation in parliament to ensure that the new Constitution that will be enacted stood the test of time.

Mr Namiluko said the move will also guarantee political and economic stability in the nation considering the huge expenses involved in constitutional making process.

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