PF thugs invade Muchinga FM radio

PF thugs invade Muchinga FM radio


After closing Prime TV, the Patriotic Front attack Bally’s voice on Muchinga FM in Chinsali.

watch the video

Let us see if IBA will act. The journalist on radio should be protected because he was on duty and they tresspassed obviously under instruction from their leadership.

A Day before Mpika DC a civil servant also attacked Bally’s voice on Mpika Radio.

They closed Post Newspapers, to bar Zambians from knowing the truth little did they know that they cannot win a war against the media.

Muvi TV was suspended for reporting the false figures announced by ECZ.

PF cadres almost killed Bally at a radio station in Ndola

just to mention a few.

PF hates media and they have shown it.

A PF cadre urinated in the mouth of a journalist in eastern province.

This is the worst media has face since independence

Is this a government you want to continue to continue in office?

Bally has always advocated for Press Freedom


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