Good boy: President Lungu releases draft constitution

Current president Edgar Lungu has continued showing key managerial skills and proper national leadership.

President Lungu has utilised his position of acting president to cause government to release the draft constitution to parliament after such a long time and demands from the public.

This is in sharp contrast to incapacitated Michael Sata who has stated and maintained that Zambia already has a constitution and there is no need for another one.

President Lungu caused acting Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula to the table the draft constitution document in parliament today to coincide with the country’s golden jubilee which falls tomorrow.

Simbyakula says the release of the draft constitution will allow the Zambian people go through the document.

President Lungu Edgar Lungu last week assured the grand coalition that government would release the draft constitution during the independence week. He has kept his promise, a rare occurrence in PF.

Here is the draft constitution:

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