PF lawyers insult police


Upnd government is really making idiots feel like stars.

I mean just imagine in a proper African government, clueless lawyers like Tutwa Nglube and his friends outshining a whole police squad.

Tutwa and Makebi are really celebrating an early Christmas today after insulting a whole police squad, I even heard Tutwa asking who is in charge of this nonsense?

And a clueless police officer responded I’m the one. Truly speaking, I feel betrayed today.

Watching a whole police system being overpowered and controlled by the PF cadres. I couldn’t finish watching what I saw today.

In the first place, Tutwa was supposed to in court by now for threatening to break the bones of the protesting youths. Threatening violence is a crime.

If UPND continue to give PF the space to practice this type of lawlessness that they exercised today, I see UPND being removed from the office with mass protests and riots.

Criminals that were hiding in caves after they lost elections all came out today to haul insults at the police and the government with impunity and the police was as powerless as a deflected tire.

UPND government must not think that they are wiser than the Ugandan or Rwandan government.

Given an opportunity to these criminals, they have gathered in hundreds today just for no reason and nothing happened to them.

Next time they will gather in thousands owing to the fact that their last gathering was successful and from there they will become uncontrollable which will give birth to mass protests and riots.

The inspector general of Police should stop sleeping before these criminals regroup and hijack the government.

After today’s event I’m left wondering whether we are really supporting the party in government or we are still supporting a party in opposition.



  1. The article and heading are inconsistent. The usual dribble is meant to attract us to read it sadly is misleading.
    The truth is there. If indeed the said person insulted the police. There is premia facea evidence of that fact. The use of inflammatory language indented to incite, is in the laws of Zambia. And if the Minister of Home Affairs or the IG did their work. To uphold the laws of Zambia. To enforce the laws. This circus would be put in its place. Lawyers would act like professional and LAZ would discipline their members. This isn’t the first time Ngulube has acted in a manner that brings the profession to disrepute. But when an officer of the courts breaks the law and we continue to turn a blind eye, those charged with enforcing the law. Let us down. Something we found happening too often under the previous regime. Dereliction of duty.

  2. you should feel ashamed of yourself by writing what you don’t understand.

  3. kkkkkkkk chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi kkkkk dont forget the escort we used to see b4 elections so what you saw is what you leap

  4. What a minute… Is this about UPND Vs. PF or is it about ‘Would Be Alleged Offenders’ Vs. The People of Zambia whose interests are represented by the Government through authorised established government institutions like DEC?

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