PF has been hijacked by Charlatans

By Dante Saunders

The ruling Patriotic Front is failing to perform because it is under siege. It has been hijacked by charlatans that have no idea of its vision from inception. People that were supposed enforcement the vision of the ruling party made to the people from the time the party have been left out of the system. They are watching the proceedings of government from out side.

We have seen this trend happening in the former ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) when it was hijacked. The people rejected it after it failed to perform to their expectations. I am afraid, we are seeing a repeat of what happened to opposition MMD at the time it formed government. Except that, in the case of PF, the hijackers are very dangerous in their quest to enrich themselves. This is apart from holding to power as we have witnessed in the recent past.

The danger the PF is likely to face is that, the party in power risk to have too many rich bosses and very few workers. The end result is that the whole system will collapse. This will lead the country to steadily grind to a grand halt. The people will wake up to a rude shock to find the coffers have been emptied and gone with hijackers.

Political hijackers of this sort do not have loyalty to anyone but themselves. It is for this reason I urge all original PF members not to lose heart at the status quo in the party. They have to hold on a little bit longer and try to sort things by forcing a convention where original leaders will be recognised.

Otherwise, the way things are at the moment as witnessed in the recent past, the boat that travelled safely in the troubled water in the past is like to be sank by hijackers and it will never rise again. The damage being done to the party will eventually, transferred to the country as a whole.

While I do not subscribe to the corruption in any form, I urge founder members, such as GBM not to abandon the party in the hands of the Charlatans. They should remain loyal to the party and continue to provide leadership. It will not do GBM any good to abandon the party now.

Everyone knows how influential GBM was in supporting the party his business connection. He has been a businessman even before joining government. He is not like others that are in government with sole purpose of enriching themselves using state coffers. I am aware that there other people that worked hard to make PF be where it is today.

However, contribution to the party does not give one a passport to engage themselves in corrupt activities. Donation which they made to the party should not be a recipe for corruption. Some people that think because they helped the party to be where it is today can be engaged in corrupt activities. They are mistaken because society is watching them each passing day.

I therefore urged all those people mentioned in various scandals are holding senior positions in the party and government to step down and gave way for a thorough investigation to take place. We also urge President Michael Sata not to entertain the corruption. Let him stand by his words when he said he allegic to corruption. The principle he developed in church is put into practice with the probe of his two very powerful ministers

Dante Saunders is Zambian Political activist      

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