PF govt agents temporarily hack Zambian Watchdog

PF government agents this morning hacked the Watchdog website causing  inaccessibility to the site for a few hours.

According to the company that manages the technical aspect of the Watchdog, the attack started around 1 AM (GMT+1).

Using what are called zombies and other methods, the attacks were launched from  Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia.

Though we can’t talk for others, we know that other Zambian websites have been brought down and are currently inaccessible.

The Watchdog reported a month ago that the PF government has released huge amounts of money to destroy news websites that are bringing out real issues about the governance of the country.

Government agents were sent overseas to learn how to hack websites.

But so far information received indicate there is anger and panic in government over the way Watchdog is covering the issue of suspended judges and that there is need to stop the coverage so that people can only hear from government media and allied newspapers.

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