PF cadres savagely beat-up Central Committee member

P.F cadres that matched to State House this morning savagely beat up their senior Central Committee member Charity Banda in full view of State House police and accused her of betraying them.

The beating happened as the combined Central Committee and PF cabinet were having a meeting at State House where president Michael was addressing the senior leaders on the internal wrangles that has engulfed the party recently.

As usual, the PF cadres matched to State House without a police permit and all attempts by Police to stop them failed.

PF deputy secretary general later told the cadres to go back as a communique would later be issued in the afternoon after the meeting ends where among other things is the PF cadres petition to have Wynter Kabimba removed from the party.

During the meeting, Sata also threatened to dissolve parliament and have new leaders elected if senior leaders do not respond to opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s attacks on his government.

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