OMC not connected to PF officials banned from trading in Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Local Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have being stopped from uplifting Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) leaving out only those that are connected to senior officials in the Patriotic Front (PF) government.
According to sources in the industry, the only OMCs that were allowed to uplift LPG from Indeni Refinery were those  connected to either Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba as well as PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.
“The companies that are collecting LPG are controlled by GBM in partnership with Somalis from Ndola and Nairobi.
GBMs sister Centrina Mwamba is the lady who pulls the strings, makes the payments and is feared a lot both at Tazama and Indeni,” the source said.

Zambia, has close to 30 local OMCs but none is allowed to uplift the product leaving the business to Dayow Construction Company, Takriim, Towfiq, Syzo, Nunow and Midlands which is associated to Kabimba.
“Mr Kabimba is in the process of registering his own OMC locally to enhance his LPG interests and operations,” the source said.
Indeni Managing Director Maybin Noole referred all queries to the Managing Director of TAZAMA pipelines saying his company was not involved in the selling and marketing of petroleum products.

He said Indeni was only involved in the production of the products, but the marketing was being done by Tazama pipelines.

He said TAZAMA was using Indeni as a place for loading Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) because it has loading place  for LPG.

“As Indeni, we are not involved in the selling and marketing of petroleum products. The selling and marketing of petroleum products is being done at TAZAMA pipelines.

TAZAMA pipelines were just using Indeni as a place for loading LPG because it has no loading place for LPG. So if you want go and talk to the Managing Director at TAZAMA pipelines,” he said.

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