Now Lewanika hospital stinking due to rotting bodies

With the continued power black-out now marking day three in Western province, bodies at Lewanika General Hosptal Mortuary are rotting forcing people  to bury their departed unexpectedly and in hurry.
And ZESCO director Cyprian Chitundo who is said to have been in Sesheke on Sunday promised that power will be restored within 24 hours.
Chitundu revealed that pylon number 1216 was cut from the base although nothing was stolen from it making the case unique.
Chitundu’s revelation that the pylon was vanadalised but nothing stolen gives credence to fears by people in the area that it could be the work of the PF government which has promised to sort them out.
Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba on Sunday vowed that his government will one day sort out the people of Barotseland.
A visit at the mortuary this morning found some people panicking as fridges of the corpse keeping center are not doing the intended purpose despite the hospital having a generator which is defective currently.
The center has been covered by a very bad smell as a result of not being cooled due to a power black-out that hit most parts of the Western Province around 02:00 hours on Saturday.
Residents especially women are moving to and fro looking for places where they can fetch water for drinking and bathing.
Meanwhile, ZESCO Ltd Corporate Affairs Manager Besty Phiri promised people through the local media in the area that power would be restored by 13:00 hours yesterday as a team had been sent to spot-out the problem which was not the case.
The security situation in the area especially in the night has become a source of worry following recent burglary stealing by some unknown people who have been breaking in financial institutions.
It is not clear what is prolonging the black-out in the area.

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