Not all hope is lost – Fr Muyunda

Today Tuesday, as we put to rest the late president Micheal Sata, it will be the most difficult day for the first family, friends and the country. It is the day when reality dawns that President Sata is gone to be with his creator. We will miss him in many ways. It is the day which should remind us that we to our day will come when we have to leave this world to be with our creator.

It’s a day which shows us how temporal this world is. One thing which we shoud all know for sure is that these events take place within the heavenly frame work. Hope should not be lost. It is not enough to end this day in sadness. As the dark cloud of sadness covers the country so too is the new hope born. The new hope that ushers us into the era of new generation leaders.Leaders who will move the country’s agenda forward. President Sata has done his part, whatever remains to be done is for the new generation of leaders who must now step forward in sincerity. Not everyone is called to lead. Before one steps forward, he/she must search their heart to see if they are able to interpret the signs of the times we live in.

Those who step forward must answer these two questions: Do you have a big heart to accommodate the people of this great nation? Do you have the right intention? This is the time for the old generation of leaders to support the new generation with their vast experience and wisdom. As citizens we look forward to leaders who will rise above tribe, race, and religion. Leaders with an impeccable character and high integrity. Leaders who will put the nation as their first priority. A leader who will unite the country by reaching out to all the country men and women. We will continue as servants of God to give counsel and prayers. May God strengthen the First Lady, the entire family and country men and women as we put to rest President Sata. May the Lord grant him eternal rest.


Fr. Chanakila Muyunda

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