Nonsense and abuse of workers at Dangote continue


Dangote Nonsense part two
Dear ZWD
Today marks the end of the 10 days’ ultimatum the Ministry of labor admonished Silondwa and Dangote management to observe the labor laws and further enforce the recognition agreement signed between Silondwa and the unions to increase the salaries by K1000. Further to submit information concerning the expatriates to asses and compare with what skilled employees are subjected to in comparison to the expatriates.
Firstly, Silondwa is a PF cadre, the K1000 increment is a drop in an ocean because the money he claims from Dangote on the employees is a lot. These PF cadres are still chewing even in the New Dawn Government. For your own information this money is still being shared by the big boys in PF. Silondwa is not the only contractor, we also have Drivers with low salaries from Offshow and DBK, we have cleaners with Platform a company for chief Chiwala. Is the labor ministry only going to act when these other contractors stage an illegal protest also? This K1000 was supposed to cutter for all contractors working at the plant being subjected to peanuts. Ba labor afweni abantu.
Its folly of Dangote management to try and launder their name by going to the press. Serious companies that employ graduate Trainees don’t rush to the media to announce small things. There is something the ministry of labor needs to see beyond this fondness of Dangote management for the media. Dangote first employed graduates from CBU in 2014, they were 34 in total. Out of that number of graduates only 6 are still present. The system at Dangote was designed not to retain stilled local engineers so that the Indians can stay longer in the name of training locals. Can the labor ministry find out how many locals who joined as graduates who have been promoted? Imagine only one boy has been promoted to the position of Maintenance planner just because of bootlicking. these INDIANS are determined to stay in Zambia, some have even clocked nine years. Most of them have been renewing their work permits through our corrupt immigration officers and don’t even have qualifications for the Jobs they are doing. Why should someone Heading Sales and Marketing, Transport and Logistics, Workshop, Mines, Procurement, Electrical, Mechanical be foreigners? I challenge the Ministry of labor to view the organizational chart of Dangote, let them show the qualifications of the Indian managing the workshop, is just mare rigger. Zambia has laws, very serious labor laws but not enforced. We have enough Jobless people can New Dawn government Zambianize this plant. Zambians are running Chilanga Cement very well, what is so special about this plant these Indians have destroyed? Look at the emissions, ZEMA should stop being corrupt, the same condemnation Zambians are hauling on mining on the lower Zambezi should be the same for the Dangote pollution.
35 expatriates sharing K4.8 kwachas per month have pulled a fast one, they have doctored the wage bill, in an explained circumstance they have increased the pay of Dangote staff by K1800 to their gross and not basic pay. I challenge the Labor Minister to find out how a manager earning K15000 can have a basic of K3000. They are running away from paying people good packages when they leave the company. The 34 expatriates are part of the Dangote cartel, powerful, they run the transport and logistics of transporting cement and coal. This is plant of scandals that’s for Aliko Dangote to deal with. The Fact still remains that Zambians are not benefiting from the limestone which Is in their own country but Indians and Nigerians are.

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