Non- Bembas denied govt jobs in Muchinga

Dear Editor

 Allow me space in your widely read and popular on-line media to express my disgusting feelings over the PF government. When PF formed government they promised among others things to create jobs for all Zambians. But this seems far from it.

Only people from a certain region are being employed in formal employment. I say so because in Muchinga Province jobs are being given on tribal lines.

Imagine this PF Government through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services last year put an advertisement in national media, for all Zambians with relevant qualifications to apply for jobs that were on offer under ZANIS ranging from information officers, technicians, photographers, drivers and office orderlies. Recently, successful candidates were selected and posted to their respective stations.

But after some new recruits posted to Muchinga Province have faced serious hostile and tribalism from so-called senior civil servants at the provincial administration in Chinsali.

The new staff were excited that more in their pockets but shame on the PF government as the poor souls have been sent packing to their homes from Muchinga for not Bemba speaking people. Surely, this is open tribalism and a national scandal!

I thought any Zambian once employed in Government can be posted anywhere in the country for as long as their services are needed that a particular area.

It is very saddening that while PF officials are busy accusing each other of tribalism, government authorities and some civil servants in Chinsali are in full gear practicing tribalism by blocking other people from working there.

This act of tribalism is a danger to the nation and President Michael Sata must take action against government officers in Muchinga tarnishing the name of his Government through practicing tribalism in the civil service. As concerned parents for the affected children, we shall sue the government for this unlawful dismissal of our children from employment without any basis.

Please withhold my identity.

Concerned citizen

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