NGO to help people living with HIV claim their rights

A Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Mongu District has embarked on a Stigma Index and Human Rights count project on People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLHA).

Network of Zambian People Living with HIIV and ADIS (NZP+) Mongu Chapter Coordinator, Lamaswala Mubiana, says the project is aimed at analyzing quantitative human rights violations against people living with HIV and AIDS across regions.

Mr Mubiana added that the project is also aimed at empowering people with HIV and AIDS to claim their rights.

He pointed out that some of the rights being violated are right to privacy where HIV status are disclosed every time when there are family arguments.

Among other rights stressed out were right to marry, right to employment, right to health and right to justice among others.

He lamented that PLHAs, who suffer from these violations, result into being isolated, suffer from depression and loss of income.

Mr Mubiana explained that the project is a process of documenting cases of HIV related human rights violations with the aim to decrease the number of violations against PLHAs by using the information gathered to guide advocacy campaigns.

Mr Mubiana was speaking during the Stigma Index and Human Rights Count stakeholder meeting yesterday at Lyambai Lodge.

He further disclosed that the organization has more plans to conduct community sensitizations and train support group leaders, stakeholders and traditional leaders on human rights issues.


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