NGO bill to be operational soon-Kunda

Vice President George Kunda says the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) law, which provide guidelines on how they should operate, will soon be operational.

Mr. Kunda said government is working closely with the NGOs in developing guidelines and regulations to the law.

He told parliament during the Vice President’s question time today that government was also working with the British government in helping the country develop the best guidelines for the new NGO law.

He said many NGOs have supported government on the introduction of the law, adding that he will soon have an audience with the Ministry of Community Development on how best it could be implemented.

Mr. Kunda has also commended the NGOs for helping government in uplifting the standards of living for Zambians especially in rural areas.

He further called for an even stronger partnership between NGOs and government to foster national development.

The Vice President said NGOs were important to the development of any nation, adding that government will continue depending on them as reliable partners in developing the country.

He has however called on the NGOs who were bent on criticizing government and politicians to also accept constructive criticism.

“If they attack us politicians as our watchdogs, they should be ready when they are also criticized. Let them develop a thick skin, they should not cry foul for months and publish adverts in the papers. We never do that. Let them instead accept criticism provided the criticism is for the benefit of the country,” he said.


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